How To Install and Configure GUI for Amazon EC2 RHEL 7 & RHEL 8 Instance

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In this tutorial, I have explained the easy steps to configure GUI for the RedHat 7 & 8 EC2 instance and connect to it using RDP clients.

Note: For RHEL 6 follow this tutorial. Setting up GUI on RHEL6

GUI for Amazon EC2 RHEL 7 & RHEL 8

There are three sections involved in the whole setup. Follow all the three sections explained below to successfully configure the GUI.

Note: This tutorial is tested on both RHEL 7 and RHEL 8 ec2 instances.


  1. RHEL 7 or 8 ec2 instance with minimum instance type of t2.medium. The GUI won’t load on smaller instance types.
  2. ec2 instance security group should have an inbound connection to 3389 port.

Installing GUI Components

1. Update the server using the following command.

sudo yum -y update

2. Install the gnome GUI components using the following command.

sudo yum groupinstall -y "Server with GUI"

3. Issue the following commands to start the GUI during boot.

sudo systemctl set-default
sudo systemctl default

Now we have all…


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