How To Integrate Jenkins With Selenium WebDriver?

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DevOps, an organizational approach that has been used immensely for quicker development and deployment of applications, has been the latest technical buzz. Today all the organizations are adopting DevOps as it promises to provide best practices starting right from planning, testing to deployment, and monitoring. CI/CD tools like Jenkins play an integral role in allowing organizations to implement DevOps, and Jenkins integration with Selenium makes the entire process of Selenium test automation so much easier.

In this article, I will take you through a quick introduction to Jenkins & Selenium, followed by the method to integrate Jenkins with Selenium WebDriver. If you are already familiar with the concepts, you can jump to the section explaining Jenkins integration with Selenium directly.

What Is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source DevOps tool that has been popularly used for continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. It is a Java-based…


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