How to Lock Android Tablets to Kiosk Mode

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Kiosks are generally a mechanism for customers to access self-service information or transactions. Kiosk technologies may run on Android, iOS or Windows operating systems (OS). Kiosks may offer a single app or multiple applications for users.

Android tablets can be converted into secure employee or customer kiosks by locking a device to kiosk mode – an Android configuration state that limits a user experience to one or more apps that are generally pinned to full-screen mode. Android kiosk mode can be applied to virtually any touch-enabled Android device. This gives organizations the flexibility to deploy the right hardware for a given use case.

What is Android Kiosk Mode?

Again, Android Kiosk Mode isn’t the same as an Android Kiosk hardware. Android Kiosk Mode can include multi-app kiosk mode, where users can access a limited number of apps from the device home screen. It can also include single-app kiosk mode,where a single app is pinned to fullscreen mode from the…


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