How To Morph Animation Using CSS clip-path?

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Morphing techniques have been used for animating between two images within films and cartoons for ages. Today, the same process can be seen gradually taking over the website world as animating shapes and floating divs have become a significant part of website designing strategies. While the animation process in web applications began with the fade-in-fade-out kind of animation, it has advanced towards the morphing techniques we see today. Morphing animation has been widely appreciated, gradually seeping its way into the CSS realm sometime later. In this post, we will focus on the CSS clip-path method that helps achieve the same and how browser compatibility testing comes into play here. Assuming some of you might not be familiar with the concepts, let’s lay the groundwork with a basic understanding before implementation.

What is Morphing?

Morphing is a process of transforming one image or shape into another image or form gradually. Since the early 90s, this…


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