How To Open IE and Edge Browsers In Selenium WebDriver Using PHP

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When we refer to cross browser testing, the majority of the developers (and automation testers) assume that testing on the latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge should be sufficient to ship a top-notch product. However, it is important to consider other (i.e., not so popular) browsers when building a formidable Selenium automation testing strategy.

It would come as a surprise if someone said, “Testing on Internet Explorer’ but the reality is that “IE still holds a decent market share in the Desktop Browser Market.” Considering that 0.58 percent is a significant percentage of the world’s population, it is safe to mention that Internet Explorer Testing still makes sense. Edge from Microsoft is a close third, just behind Safari as far as the browser market share (for desktops) is concerned.

Internet Explorer Testing


Though IE has already retired, it is still a ‘relevant’ player as far as the browser market is concerned. Microsoft Edge is an emerging player in the ‘browser…


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