How To Read Config Files In Python Using Selenium [With Example]

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Selenium is one of the best automation tools used for running automated tests through which you can perform relevant actions with the WebElements on the page. The major advantage of Selenium is that it supports a number of popular programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, and Ruby).

When working with Selenium WebDriver, we need to follow the best practices to make the most out of the Selenium automation framework. One of them could be adding useful parameters like platform, browsers, browser versions, or device names in a manner that scaling up, organizing, and debugging the tests becomes easy. In addition, it should involve minimal changes in the test implementation! This is where configuration files come in handy, as configuration data can be added to those files with super ease. This, in turn, helps in improved maintenance of the test code.



In this Selenium Python tutorial, we deep dive into how to read config files in Python using Selenium.



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