How To Run Junit Tests From The Command Line

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JUnit is one of the most popular Java-based open-source frameworks used for testing every unit of the application, i.e., classes and methods. And for automating the testing of web applications, you can use it with the Selenium WebDriver. Though Selenium and JUnit can function independently, combining them can help develop tests in a structured format.


Though Java offers several IDEs using which you can write code and run tests, you would like to execute JUnit from the command line. Why?

Because it can be useful for quickly checking whether the tests are running as per expectations (avoiding the need to open the IDE). In this tutorial, we look at how to run the JUnit test from the command line. We will cover the following combinations to run JUnit tests from the command line:

  • Plain JUnit without any build-automation (or build system) tools like Apache Maven, Gradle, etc.
  • JUnit with Apache Maven
  • JUnit with Gradle
  • JUnit with ANT

It would help if you…


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