How To Run Selenium Tests Using IE Driver?

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When anyone refers to automated browser testing, it somehow means that the testing will be performed on the latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. It would come as a surprise if someone from your team meant that the testing should be done on IE (or Internet Explorer) using Selenium IE Driver or Selenium Internet Explorer Driver.


Internet Explorer was once a dominant player in the browser market but lost its dominance to other players like Chrome, Firefox, and few others. Its current market share is steadily declining, and it currently holds 1.19 percent of browser market share. But even 1 percent contributes to a significant internet user base; hence testing on Internet Explorer definitely still makes sense.


In this blog, we look at how you can automate the testing of web applications on IE using Selenium IE driver. We would be showcasing the usage of Selenium Internet Explorer driver using Python, Java, C#, and PHP.

What is Selenium IE…


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