How to Schedule Updates to Offline Android Devices

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Koji is an IT manager for a global eCommerce brand. He’s grinding away at his task list when he receives a Slack message from a coworker. Apparently, the app used by field agents has a critical bug that’s preventing orders from being completed.

“We need to release our new app version to all our field agent devices,” writes product manager Geri. “This bug is really hurting our business.” 

Koji immediately gets to work. He opens the MDM platform and uploads the updated app version. Next, Koji pushes the update to all 300 field agent devices. Well, more accurately, he tried to push the update and failed.

Koji received an error message from his MDM software:

“Great,” Koji says internally. He’ll need to figure out which devices are offline and where they’re located. “Maybe I’d better text my wife and tell her to cancel our dinner plans.”

Can You Update Android Apps When Devices are Offline?

Offline Updates are Tedious and Time-Consuming



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