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How to Secure C-Suite Buy-In for Your DevOps Efforts

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May 19, 2023

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You could be forgiven for assuming DevOps is the modus operandi only for big modern enterprises like Tesla and Uber, but this is not the case. DevOps builds on earlier approaches, such as Agile development and Lean methodology, by emphasizing the importance of collaboration between development and operations teams and the use of automation to streamline the software development process.

So, while the term “DevOps” is relatively new, the principles and practices that it encompasses have been in use for many years.

In a traditional waterfall model, the software development process is split into distinct stages, with each stage being completed before moving on to the next one. The development and operations teams work in separate silos, with little interaction between them until the end of the development process when the finished product is handed over to the operations team for deployment and maintenance.

Benefits of DevOps

In contrast, a DevOps model emphasizes collaboration and…


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