How to Set Up a Geofence on Esper

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Geofence is a useful feature for some dedicated device deployment scenarios. With geofencing you use the device’s location (typically determined by GPS) to trigger an alert when the device leaves a defined area. Common scenarios include making sure a fleet of delivery devices stay in their delivery zone, warehousing devices don’t stray far from the warehouse, or restaurant ordering devices don’t leave the restaurant area.

In order for geofencing to work, the mobile device needs Internet connectivity and location services enabled. Thus this is typically for cellular connected devices with high accuracy location services enabled – whether smartphones or tablets. 

Setting up a geofence for a device on Esper is easy – it starts by selecting Geofence in Esper Console’s left navigation pane – this brings you up a wizard for quickly defining the geofence. Click on New Geofence.

geofence on esper 3

In the first screen you define the size of your geofence (meaning where you expect…


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