How To Setup JUnit Environment For Your First Test?

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JUnit is a popular Java-based, open-source framework that is primarily used for unit testing. It can be used with Selenium for testing websites and web applications. Annotations in JUnit are used for identifying test methods. A variety of assertions, grouping tests into test suites, and ease offered in maintaining tests are the major reasons for JUnit’s popularity for cross browser testing. In this blog, we deep dive into JUnit environment setup and how you can use JUnit with Eclipse and IntelliJ – popular IDEs for Java development.


At the time of writing this article, JUnit had a market share of 7.64 percent compared to other frameworks like Apache JMeter, TestNG, etc.

By the end of this blog, you should be comfortable with setting up JUnit on your machine and running JUnit with Eclipse and JUnit with IntelliJ.

How To Download, Install, And Setup JUnit?

JUnit is a Java-based automation framework, which means that the Java Development Kit (JDK)…


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