How To Speed Up Selenium Test Cases?

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When we talk about automation, one of the tools that comes first to our mind is Selenium. We all know that the Selenium WebDriver is a remarkable tool for web automation. The primary reason for implementing Selenium automation testing is to speed up selenium tests. In most of the cases, Selenium performs extraordinarily well than the manual ones.

But, sometimes automation scripts generally run slower. Integration and Unit Testing are comparatively faster than Selenium tests. Sometimes a single test takes minutes to run, making it even slower when their number is more because of which it is difficult to get accurate and faster feedback. However, you can always speed up selenium tests using the best approaches to selenium test automation.

How can you execute your Selenium test cases faster?

There are various ways that testers can follow to speed up Selenium test cases. You can consider using explicit waits, web locators, prefer different browsers, optimize Selenium…


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