How To Switch Tabs In A Browser Using Selenium Python?

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Selenium automation offers dexterous ways to perform day-to-day tasks most efficiently. From capturing screenshots to testing PDF files, there’s no limit to what you can do with Selenium automation. Developers and testers are masters of drilling websites and finding loopholes. More often than not, this drill involves switching tabs multiple times a day. To reduce the manual effort that goes into doing so, we recommend using Python Selenium to switch tabs.

In this article, we will help you master multiple ways to switch tabs in Selenium using Python. Let’s get started –

When Do We Need To Open Or Switch Tabs In Selenium Automation?

Opening a new tab or switching between multiple tabs is one of the most basic functions performed by all of us every single day. Let us look into some scenarios when opening or switching tabs comes in handy during Selenium automation.

App Suits – Testing Features That Can Work Parallely

The most obvious scenario is when your…


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