How To Test Mobile Applications Manually

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Mobile phones add a lot of convenience to our daily life. For example, if you are planning a vacation and want to check out the best resorts available in that area or want to check the cost and availability of tickets, then the first thing you will look for in such cases is the mobile phone and the related applications. Mobile applications are at the core of many businesses, and it is important to have a good quality application. Mobile application manual testing is a great way to identify UI issues and ensure a bug-free application.

Mobile phones have three major advantages that have proved their importance to the world – they are easy to operate, high in power, and are so small that sometimes people keep more than one with them. That’s a perfect combination for something not only to sustain but to flourish at a rate that nobody can imagine.

The growth rate of mobile devices has been exceptional as a product all over the globe.


When a product grows at such a rate,…


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