How To Test Websites And Apps For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most important days of the holiday shopping season. To prevent any unexpected surprises during the biggest shopping season of the year, retailers need to understand how their website and mobile applications will respond to a major and sudden surge of traffic. Any delays in loading pages and unexpected timeouts will result in frustrated shoppers abandoning their carts or shopping elsewhere.


So, to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is crucial for retailers to test their websites and perform mobile app testing to ensure a smooth shopping experience. In this blog, we will deep-dive into how occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can impact sales and how you can gear up for the occasion by testing your eCommerce websites and applications considering different parameters.

So, let’s get started

The Evolution of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In 2010, a popular marketing company Hitwise reported the following…


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