How to Use Namespaces for Advanced Android Configuration

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Today, we would like to introduce a feature that we call Custom Configuration. With Custom Config, Esper customers can more effectively finetune Android devices in every way possible. A custom config uses JSON to define changes or actions. These are categorized into sections we like to call Namespaces. Each namespace serves a special purpose.

Recently, we introduced 3 new namespaces, the “settings,” “dpcParams,” and “scripts” namespaces:

  • The “settings” namespace allows you to make over-the-air changes to nearly all Android settings 
  • The “dpcParams” exposes certain tunable parameters within the Esper device Agent. 
  • The “scripts” namespace allows you to perform arbitrary launch actions on the device – whether that be an explicit/implicit intent, a service or a broadcast.

To use these namespaces, you will need to perform a POST request using Curl, Postman, or a similar tool to an API.



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