Improve the Security of Hub Container Images with Automatic Vulnerability Scans

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In yesterday’s blog about improvements to the end-to-end Docker developer experience, I was thrilled to share how we are integrating security into image development, and to announce the launch of vulnerability scanning for images pushed to the Hub. This release is one step in our collaboration with our partner Snyk where we are integrating their security testing technology into the Docker platform. Today, I want to expand on our announcements and show you how to get started with image scanning with Snyk. 

In this blog I will show you why scanning Hub images is important, how to configure the Hub pages to trigger Snyk vulnerability scans, and how to run your scans and understand the results. I will also provide suggestions incorporating vulnerability scanning into your development workflows so that you include regular security checkpoints along each step of your application deployment.  

Software vulnerability scanners have been around for a while to…


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