In search of the devops ideal

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Devops takes the overhead view encompassing the activity of both development and operations, and choreographs them to interact in the most effective ways. That is the conceptual ideal, but from a technical standpoint, can we describe the ideal devops setup?

The answer is no, because the demands of a two-person startup are radically different from those of a multi-national embarking on a microservice project with hundreds of people involved in its care and feeding.

But we can describe an idealized flow of development that flexes to absorb increasing complexity as needed, and how the technologies, like CI/CD, Docker, and cloud computing, fit into this flow.

Development: The “inner loop”

Let’s suppose you are a developer. You naturally are making changes to software, and when you are satisfied with your changes, you commit them to version control. Version control is the hinge point between software development’s “inner loop” and devops’ “outer…


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