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Introducing Background Services in HyperExecute and Sharding for Espresso

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September 14, 2023

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Hola testers!

In our last update to HyperExecute, we explored how to run end-to-end tests on your private cloud. Building on that foundation, we’re excited to introduce a new feature that takes your testing to the next level, “Background Services in HyperExecute,” where long-running Application Servers can seamlessly operate as part of your testing process.

That’s not all, we’re also introducing Sharding for Espresso that enables you to divide tests into multiple shards, enabling parallel execution. This translates to a remarkable reduction in testing time.

Let’s dive in to learn more about these two features without further ado!

Overcome Slow Test Execution with Sharding for Espresso

To overcome the issue of prolonged test execution in serial, Sharding for Espresso enables you to perform parallel execution.

Instead of running your test suite sequentially, you can split test cases into different groups called shards. Each shard can then be executed in parallel on one…


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