Is devops becoming a cloud-only sport?

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Google just released its latest devops report: “Accelerate State of DevOps 2021.” The report found that respondents who use hybrid or multicloud were 1.6 times more likely to exceed their performance targets. These “elite performers,” as summarized in the report, deploy 973 times more frequently than poor performers. Moreover, these elites have a 6,570 times faster lead time to deploy and a three times lower change failure rate. Elites also recover 6,570 times faster from failures if they happen.

According to the report, continuous testing and continuous integration are both markers of success for elite performers. Another key to their success is trunk-based development. 

Trunk-based development is a source-control branching model where developers collaborate on code in a single branch, known as the trunk, and restrict their work to within that trunk. The purpose is to streamline merging and integration phases. This development process…


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