JMeter – Email Load Testing

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JMeter is most widely used open source tools for load testing . we have used jmeter for different kind of load testing but in this tutorial we will see how we can perform the Email load testing by using JMeter.

Sending email through JavaEmail API

The JavaMail API defines classes which represent the components of a mail system. JavaMail does not implement an email server, instead it allows you to access an email server using a Java API. In order to test the code presented, you must have access to an email server. While the JavaMail API specification does not mandate support for specific protocols, JavaMail typically includes support for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.


1.Java should be installed on your machine , check this link to download the latest JDK version based on your local system.

2.Download the JMeter if you don’t have.

3.Install an Eclipse or Intellij IDE.

4.Open Eclipse and create a java project.

5.Add below dependency to the POM…


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