Koople: new Feature Flags tool developed by Apiumhub developers

1 Year Subscription

Apiumhub is extremely proud to announce that Oscar Galindo, David Gomez and David Serrano, who are part of Apiumhub software development team, have launched their own Feature Flags tool – Koople

What is Koople?

Koople is a subscription-based cross-platform feature flags tool, which offers the easiest, fastest and most confident way to release your projects. Moreover, it is simple for both developers and non-technical people. 

Feature flags ( also called feature toggles ) are a development technique that allows you to ship code and features before they are finished, and allow teams to modify system behaviour without changing code. Feature toggles fit well with the practice of Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) and with techniques like A/B testing, remote config and canary releases.

As for the release toggle, it enables the developers to quarantine off their unfinished feature from the rest of the codebase and turn on and off the feature in different environments for…


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