Kubernetes v1.21 Released: Here is What you should know

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In this blog, we will look at the key changes in the Kubernetes v1.21 release.

PodSecurityPolicy Depreciation

As per the official Kubernetes blog PSP (Pod Security Policy) is Deprecated in v1.21.

It doesn’t mean that it will be removed in v1.2. PSP feature will continue to exist till version 1.25 as per the current plan.

You can look into options like K-RailKyverno, and OPA/Gatekeeper which has better user experience for implementing security policies.

PSP Replacement Policy

Kubernetes Developer community is working on a feature which is now called the “PSP Replacement Policy” is expected to have an Alpha release in Kubernetes version 1.22.

Use cases covered by PodSecurityPolicy will be covered by the PSP Replacement Policy.

Here is the KEP and also take a look at the Proposal document to know more details

TopologyKeys Deprecation

topologyKeys alpha is deprecated. Topology-aware routing is implemented as topology-aware hints. It is in the Alpha version.

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