Launching our series of AWS Well-Architected podcasts

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AWS Ambassadors Colin Barker and Greg Heywood have teamed up to create a series of podcasts offering an expert perspective on the Well-Architected Framework.

This first podcast introduces the Well-Architected concept and underlines the value of continual improvement in the cloud.

Greg and Colin also talk about the Well-Architected Tool which enables AWS customers to access free architectural guidance at any time. One advantage of the tool is that it facilitates regular monitoring of workloads so teams can identify and prioritise areas for improvement.  

“Well-Architected principles are rooted in previous AWS customer experiences, and they shape future customer experiences. It’s a virtuous model that helps organisations maximise performance, value and security in the cloud.”

Greg Heywood, Cloud Solutions Architect

The podcast touches on the various Well-Architected lenses geared towards tailored best practice for specific sectors and applications,…


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