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DevOps is not a product, a framework, or a job title. It’s a journey.

Garima Bajpai has been part of the DevOps community since 2014. In addition to being an industry speaker on digital twins, AI-Ops, and DevOps, she is a cofounder of the DevOps Community of Practice in Canada.

On All Day DevOps, she discusses the state of DevOps in 2020, the challenges and factors that accelerate DevOps transformation, and what the future has in store for DevOps. She also walks us through the product development journey and how DevOps can help. You can listen to the entire talk here. 

Key Challenges of DevOps

Bajpai starts by sharing the challenges a company faces when adopting DevOps.


  • Cultural change is the hardest part. If you are going to implement DevOps, it will require significant change in the ways operations teams work.
  • Since DevOps doesn’t have any predefined implementation processes, practitioners need to adjust to a decentralized approach.

There is a general need for a global DevOps…


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