Learn to See, Measure and Automate With Value Stream Management

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Lance Knight, the COO of ConnectALL, presented a case for companies to recognize, trace, and even automate their value streams using tools. You can view the whole talk here or read on for a summary. Or check out both!

To start with, Lance alluded to the chaos constantly present with many chief information officer roles. This includes such pressures as business outcomes, security concerns, team management, and value stream management.

CIOs everywhere are faced with this chaos CIOs everywhere are faced with this chaos

With this noise contributing to activities around managing information, you’ll also get a plethora of tools that intend to solve problems. At ConnectALL, the way to silence all this noise and start making progress begins with value stream optimization.

What Is Value Stream Optimization?

According to Lance, value stream optimization is the process of analyzing a software delivery value system while looking for areas to improve, all in line with attaining set objectives. It’s obviously impossible to measure…


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