Lessons from the trenches: How to Deal with the Challenges of Applying Government DevOps

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DevOps consists in having both operations and development engineers including other stakeholders participate in the entire service lifecycle. This joint participation begins at the design phase, moves onto the development process, and persists all the way to production support. DevOps can be considered an extension  of the Agile framework to include operational considerations. Another significant characteristic of DevOps is that within that framework, operations staff use many of the same techniques as developers for their systems work.

So what are some of the challenges of applying DevOps to government? 

But, applying the DevOps framework to government structures presents its own set of challenges.

Governments tend to function as siloed units. They are organized in different organizational units  that don’t necessarily communicate with one another. In that context, one of the major challenges consists of setting up an organizational structure with a virtual organizational…


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