Level Up Security with Scoped Access Tokens

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Scoped tokens are here 💪!

Scopes give you more fine grained control over what access your tokens have to your content and other public content on Docker Hub! 

It’s been a while since we first introduced tokens into Docker Hub (back in 2019!) and we are now excited to say that we have added the ability for accounts on a Pro or Team plan to apply scopes to their Personal Access Tokens (PATs) as a way to authenticate with Docker Hub. 

Access tokens can be used as a substitute for your password in Docker Hub, adding scopes to these tokens gives you more fine grained control over what access the machine logged in has. This is great for setting up things like service accounts in CI systems, registry mirrors or even on your local machine to make sure you are not giving too much access away. 

PATs are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to Docker Hub when using Docker command line

docker login --username <username>



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