List of Best Docker Container Clustering and Orchestration Tools/Services

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Docker, without a doubt, is an excellent open-source tool. However, you cannot have complex application deployments just with docker engine and containers. Proper plumbing has to be done for container orchestration in terms of deploying applications with complex architectures. Your containerized applications should be able to scale up and down based on application resource requirements.

What you need is a good framework for efficiently managing containers. Containers are meant to be short-lived, and when it comes to container orchestration, the following are the key things to consider are

  1. Networking
  2. High availability
  3. Ease of deployment
  4. Good service discovery.

Container Orchestration and Clustering Tools

In this post, we will cover the list of best container clustering and orchestrations tools which are being used in production by many companies.

1. Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source, out of the box container cluster manager and orchestration. It is built with an excellent 


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