LogicMonitor Introduces Unlimited Log Data Retention

1 Year Subscription

LogicMonitor today announced it will provide an option that allows IT organizations to retain an unlimited amount of log data on its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Tej Redkar, chief product officer at LogicMonitor, said one of the issues that is holding back advances in observability is the cost of storing log data. LogicMonitor has decided to remove that issue by allowing IT teams to store log data on its LM Logs service for as long as they require, Redkar said.

That data will also always be readily available as hot storage with no need to wait for data that has been stored offline to be rehydrated, he noted. Instead, that data is readily accessible alongside the metrics and distributed tracing data that LogicMonitor also collects, said Redkar.

In general, LogicMonitor is making a case for centralizing observability for the entire IT organization via a SaaS platform infused with machine learning algorithms that automatically surface anomalies in real-time based on millions of…


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