Microservices vs Nanoservices: Weighing Framework Options

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Over the years, software development moved away from traditional monolithic architectures, addressing its complexities with tightly coupled, interconnected code. This resulted in the adoption of microservices, efficient cloud-native approaches that enable distributed computing through multiple, smaller services.

Since microservices have become mainstream, in the last several years, nanoservices evolved as another pattern that was designed mostly to overcome complexities found with microservices. Essentially, nanoservices divide the services further to bring additional efficiency.

This article outlines how developing smaller components to build an application is a preferred approach, so I will:

  • Explain both micro and nanoservices
  • Explore benefits and challenges
  • Share examples and best practices to help you determine the right framework for your needs

Improving development practices

Due to their elemental design, monolithic applications have a few serious challenges:

  • They’re…


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