Mobile-Optimized Web Experience Drives 30% More Sales & Conversions

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“The latest data from GWI shows that 77 percent of the world’s internet users buy something online each month, with more people now making purchases via mobile devices than via desktop and laptop computers.” – Data Reportal.

There was a time nearly a generation ago when owning a website was the highest type of technological marvel a business needed. Those days are long gone. The ubiquity of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, has become a double-edged sword for online businesses. They present new opportunities by allowing users to reach a website from anywhere, anytime, and at the same time generating an overhead for the design, development, and testing team.

Nevertheless, mobile continues to be the most preferred way of accessing the internet, period.

Optimized Web Experience


In our previous post, we delved deeper into why mobile is important and why you should focus on mobile-first design as a business owner. In that post as well, we…


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