Modernizing in a high-security government environment

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For government agencies, the adoption of Atlassian products often grows organically and spreads at a rapid pace. Many quickly discover that our solutions have become vital to achieving their missions, whether they’re working remotely, in the field, or in the office. 

Expanded use of Atlassian products can help agencies meet the needs of citizens while driving their goals of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and strengthening security. Yet, as your user base grows, downtime is no longer an option, and your deployments must be able to scale without compromising control or security. This is especially true for agencies with high-security environments, where citizen data or sensitive government knowledge needs to be protected, compliance mandates need to be met, and user permissions need to be managed without over-burdening administrators. For this reason, we encourage agencies that are struggling with managing complexity at scale to consider Atlassian…


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