Nightwatch Vs Protractor: Which Testing Framework Is Right For You?

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Do you know the test automation market is all set to hit $35 billion by 2026? And when it comes to cross browser testing, JavaScript leads from the front? Javascript is probably the best alternative for Selenium automation, considering its protocol transformation to the W3C standard. In order to make the most of it, the first step is to choose the best test automation frameworks. Among all the JavaScript testing frameworks, two frameworks are most popular- Nightwatch and Protractor.

This article will be comparing Nightwatch vs Protractor and help you choose the perfect JavaScript testing frameworks. Let us start by diving deeper into each framework.

What Is Nightwatch.js?

Nightwatch.js is a free automation test framework for websites and web apps. It is written in Node.js and also utilizes the W3C WebDriver API. Nightwatch is an end-to-end testing (E2E) solution that aims to simplify writing automation tests with Javascript for browser apps, web-based apps,…


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