Nobl9 Adds Hydrogen Platform to Surface Technical Debt Issues

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Nobl9 today unveiled a Hydrogen platform that makes it simpler for DevOps teams to identify technical debt issues as they manage service level objectives (SLOs) as code.

Hydrogen enables DevOps teams to define SLOs using a simple wizard or by embedding code within their application as part of a DevOps workflow. That code is then used to automatically collect data from platforms such as Datadog, New Relic, Prometheus, Splunk and others with requiring any additional instrumentation.

Nobl9 COO Kit Merker said that approach also makes it possible to surface technical debt that inhibits achieving those goals via the Hydrogen platform. Armed with those insights, it then becomes easier for DevOps teams to focus on reducing or eliminating that technical debt because Hydrogen automatically generates a ticket in the Jira project management application—widely used by DevOps teams—to make sure the issue is addressed. Otherwise, in the heat of a DevOps sprint, the issue is likely to be…


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