Operational maturity: what it is, why you need it, how to get it

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New features, new functionality, new value-adds. Tech scale-ups are under constant pressure to evolve their customer offering and accelerate growth. But the underlying infrastructure and operations need attention too. In fact, the operational maturity of IT plays a vital role in the achievement of business goals.  

What is operational maturity?

Operational maturity is about the consistency, reliability and resilience of the IT infrastructure, as well as the way it’s managed and maintained. It’s a measure of IT sophistication relative to an organisation’s size and stage of development.

For instance, we’ve previously written about the inevitable accrual of technical debt during the start-up phase, and the need to understand and manage it as you grow. This is part and parcel of operational maturity.

For a tech scale-up to achieve its full potential, you need to strike an effective balance between time and energy invested in operational maturity versus…


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