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We are thriving in a ‘Digital First’ world. In this digital era, quality assurance remains the major gear behind a digital success and for that it has to work in tandem with the other. As per Gartner majority of organizations have taken up digital transformation projects. These are in the areas of Mobility, Cloud or Data analytics.

Today digital transformation is at its peak because after decades of development it has become incredibly useful. Still, if you look closely, trough is what is waiting after a crest. And it’s true for digital transformation as well as you can already see the contours of its inevitable descent into the mundane. 

So what’s next?

It’s Continuous Next.

We have seen that digital transformation projects taken up by organizations are siloed in nature. To take the next leap which Gartner has termed as Continuous Next there is a need to unify the siloed tech effort by connecting the major touchpoints like mobility, cloud, data etc.

Continuous Next

With a mission to propel success of…


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