Optimizing Outcomes With Digital Integration

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Ed Griebel, VP of Digital Engineering and Competitive design at Northrop Grumman shared how the company has been optimizing outcomes with their software in order to maintain high customer satisfaction. 

As a contractor for military equipment as well as other mission-critical devices, Northrop Grumman needs a very stringent strategy for how to integrate their digital systems. A good strategy centers around outcomes. No matter how much effort you put into something, if it doesn’t meet the intended, planned goals or if those goals change, it’s a waste.

Northrop Grumman calls this working at the “speed of relevance.” Their products and software need to be constantly evolving and focused on their market outcomes, which could change on a dime.

Some of the practices that allow them to do this: 

  • Digital twins 
  • Digital engineering
  • DevSecOps

Digital Twins, Engineering, and DevSecOps

Digital twins is an innovative, recent approach to changing complex, physical products. These are…


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