Optimizing the Developer Experience in 2023

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January 19, 2023

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2022 was a banner year for innovation, but not only in the traditional “churning out new features” way. Many organizations started thinking about their processes and how to amplify them to maximize efficiency and employee retention. And when they started digging, companies realized that the developer experience was a major pain point that could be rectified–and a ripple effect of positive gains would result.

Companies started looking more closely at how the tools and processes developers use support and enhance their work. Great tools and thoughtful processes boost developer happiness and satisfaction. And when those levels rise, guess what else increased? Productivity, efficiency and employee retention rates.

We saw this trend of developer support take hold last year, but with more work to be done across many companies, we’ll see it continue in 2023 and beyond, impacting just about every facet of tech in new ways. Many companies have realized what does work by trying what…


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