Our cloud complexity bias may be hurting business

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I was listening to my podcast feed again this weekend, and beyond the true crime shows, I did listen to something more work related. The question asked on this episode was a profound one, not typically asked in the tech press today: “Cloud was supposed to make computing easier, but it’s now as complicated or more complicated than legacy data centers and apps. Is there any future in a simpler cloud?”

Those of you who have followed me here for a while or taken my courses understand that I’ve been attempting to figure out the balance between making cloud architectures complex versus making them optimized and efficient. The more I’ve researched this space, the more I think I’m onto something: We need to understand what the trade-offs are.

Core to this issue may be a people problem, not a technology one. Most architects build and deploy cloud solutions that are often too complex and too costly. They do so influenced by a few conscious and…


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