Page Object Model (POM) In Selenium Python

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Automation Testing is an integral part of the testing process. The primary objective of any type of testing process (automation or manual) is to improve the product quality by reporting bugs & getting them fixed by the development team. Irrespective of the software development model being followed in the project, increasing test automation coverage can be considered an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure the test code’s effectiveness.

In this blog, we look at the Page Object Model (POM) in Selenium, a design pattern that helps create an object repository that stores all the web elements. POM reduces the maintenance effort by reducing the duplication of code.

What Is Page Object Model?

Page Object Model is a design pattern where the core focus is on reducing code duplication and minimization of the effort involved in code update/maintenance. Under the Page Object Model, page classes are created for all the webpages that are a part of the…


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