pCloudy’s DevOps Journey: Lessons Learnt While Scaling Up!

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This blog and a few upcoming ones in this series will talk about our Devops journey and the lessons we learnt while scaling up in a short span of time.

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We at pCloudy have been serving your mobile testing needs for 3 years now. And these years have been a wonderful roller-coaster of experiences, ranging from successes, achievements, near misses, not so near misses, crazy deadlines, demanding customers and above all lots and lots of learning.

We have had numerous challenges at various stages of our journey. Each phase of our journey came with specific sets of challenges and each time we surmounted those challenges, there were many insights, lessons and some time even ah-ha moments. But each of these learning howsoever small have in a way contributed to what we are right now. It has made sure that he product is stronger than ever before and growing faster than ever before.

And this learning is what we feel is very important. After all it has molded us in many ways. And we…


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