React JavaScript Library: Concepts & Tutorials for Getting Started

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React, aka React JS, is a JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces in web applications. It focuses on powering the view layer of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern.

React is based on reusable elements called components that help to create fast and scalable user interfaces—something many developers love.

So, in this article, we will:

Let’s get started!

When to use ReactJS

React is aimed at creating robust and extensible user interfaces (UI) across multiple platforms. One bright spot of React is that it does not limit users to a specific JavaScript framework. React also:

  • Supports integration with preexisting JS frameworks to enhance the user experience of an application—without complex modifications to the backend.
  • Enables developers to easily utilize other frameworks and platforms designed for React, such as Gatsby or js, to power a React Stack.

React is the ideal choice for creating cross-platform, responsive, versatile, and scalable…


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