Red Hat OpenStack tightens OpenShift Kubernetes integration

1 Year Subscription

Red Hat has launched Red Hat OpenStack Platform 16.2, an update to Red Hat’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform that offers tighter integration with the company’s OpenShift Kubernetes container system.

With the new integration, users of both platforms can run VM-based and container-based applications in parallel with improved network capacity, security features, storage, and performance, Red Hat said on October 13. OpenStack 16.2 is available through the Red Hat Customer Portal via a Red Hat subscription.

Specific capabilities in OpenStack 16.2 include:

  • Flexibility to run VMs and cloud-native applications in parallel. “Bare metal” performance is offered via integration with OpenShift.
  • An extended lifecycle allowing for continuous feature updates without disruption or potential downtime.
  • New hardware options including Intel Xeon scalable processors. Users can build hybrid clouds in a manner that suits them, factoring in core architecture to…


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