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Red Hat Unveils Developer Hub to Boost Dev Productivity

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May 23, 2023

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At its Red Hat Summit conference today, Red Hat unveiled its Red Hat Developer Hub, a developer portal that provides access to an opinionated set of development tools based on the open source Backstage project.

The portal pulls together a set of curated tools and resources so that developers encounter less friction and avoid the complexity of numerous optional tools that span disparate vendors. The goal is to increase developer productivity while reducing the volume of optional tools and information that must be sifted through to actually deliver production code.

Red Hat Developer Hub aims to streamline the development process and allow organizations to maximize existing resources and developer skills while reducing sprawl, said Chris Wright, CTO and SVP for global engineering at Red Hat. This will help organizations maintain application development velocity and drive a consistent user experience for developers based on tools and skills they’re already familiar with, Wright told…


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