Selenium 4 Is Now W3C Compliant: All You Need To Know

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Selenium 4, the latest version of Selenium, is currently available in the Alpha Version. There has been a lot of buzz around the release of Selenium 4 Alpha features, as it is packed with salient properties like relative locators, improved Selenium IDE, and improved Selenium Grid design that introduces a ‘fully distributed mode’ for automated Selenium testing. Apart from these visible changes, a major under-the-hood (or architectural) change is that WebDriver APIs in Selenium 4 follow the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) in its implementation.


Here are some questions that might come to your mind regarding Selenium WebDriver APIs becoming W3C standardized in Selenium 4:

  • What are the different Selenium 4 Alpha features?
  • How does Selenium 4 becoming a W3C standard impact the Selenium community?
  • What would be the significant advantages of the W3C WebDriver Protocol?
  • Will this change impact the test scenarios that were working seamlessly on Selenium 3?
  • Do…


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