Setting Up Alert Manager on Kubernetes – Beginners Guide

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AlertManager is an open-source alerting system that works with the Prometheus Monitoring system. In the last article, I have explained Prometheus setup on Kubernetes.

In this guide, I will cover the Alert Manager setup and its integration with Prometheus.

Note: In this guide, all the Alert Manager Kubernetes objects will be created inside a namespace called monitoring. If you use a different namespace, you can replace it in the YAML files.

Alertmanager on Kubernetes

Alert Manager setup has the following key configurations.

  1. A config map for AlertManager configuration
  2. A config Map for AlertManager alert templates
  3. Alert Manager Kubernetes Deployment
  4. Alert Manager service to access the web UI.

Important Setup Notes

  1. You should have a working Prometheus setup up and running. Follow this tutorial for Prometheus setup ==> Prometheus Setup On Kubernetes.
  2. Prometheus should have the correct alert manager service endpoint in its config.yaml as shown below to send the alert to Alert…


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