Seven questions your MDM doesn’t want you to ask

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If you’ve ever worked with an MDM (Mobile Device Management) to build and manage an Android device fleet, you know how one-sided that relationship becomes once your hardware is in the field. You also know that’s because MDMs are built on a model that chiefly rewards shipping devices, not supporting them. It’s hard to blame them, either — in a world where getting devices to the edge has become a critical concern across dozens of industries, hardware talks. But if you’re scaling a mission critical Android device fleet, you’re already asking the kind of hard questions your MDM probably isn’t very eager to answer.

Why can’t I opt out of FOTA updates, or at least manage my own validation and rollout?

Anyone supporting devices in the field knows that the worst update is the one you didn’t know you were getting. Traditional MDMs aren’t interested in helping you responsibly deploy new firmware across your fleet, they’re interested in deploying it across their…


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