Six Categories of Monitoring in the DevOps Pipeline

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Hasan Yasar, a technical director, security engineer, and teacher with more than 25 years of experience in software development discusses how to identify the things that are important and actually contribute to meaningful outcomes in DevOps.

Metrics, Logs, and Reports

First, let’s start with metrics, logs, and reports. 

  • Logs describe things that have occurred during execution. 
  • Metrics are quantitative and are normally time-centric. 
  • Reports describe the results of activities and include a variety of elements, such as observations and assessments. 

The key difference between logs and metrics is that they are event-based and time-based, respectively. The DevOps pipeline generates a considerable amount of data in the form of logs and reports during its execution:


But how can metrics be gleaned from all of this data?

DevOps Metrics

DevOps metrics must help to improve your processes and performance. Sadly, the 2020 State of Software Delivery Management Report found that most…


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